Me as a Gestational Carrier!!

** A moment in my Tummy, forever in my heart**

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm not the best writer so bare with me as I try to tell about my experience :) I am a mom of 4 ranging from ages 13-3. About 12 years ago I decided that one day I would help a family bring a child into this world. In 2011 I met my first Intended family and delivered a baby boy on Aprils fools Day 2012. I now am matched with my second family and I look forward to what this journey brings to us.

Friday, July 15, 2011

sigh of relief!!

OK I will try to keep my ovaries away from young children. I defiantly don't want any child choking on them. I could never live with myself. LOL!

Ok back to the point, I am so proud of my Uterus. I went in today to have my first lining check. My Uterus lining was a ..... Drum roll........ 


They had checked my follicles. My largest one was 12mm so the Dr. is thinking I will ovulate in about 4 days. The Day I ovulate and as long as all else works we will be hoping for a Transfer 5-6 days later. 

This has given me a nice sigh of relief,  now its the hope for the next step!!! 


  1. Woo hoo! Nice lining #! *Fingers crossed for a successful transfer!!!*

  2. Beautiful! Transfer is gonna happen, I know it! :)

    As for your question on my blog, no, if you are a stalker, your a good stalker :) It's in regards to my insurance company..they are doing a lot of denying claims even though they have no surrogacy exclusions, and recently I found out they are watching people on blogs, SMO, and even FB...hence, my intro from earlier.. But if they don't have THAT much of a life, they probably already got me in the beginning, so whats the use of Can't wait for your updates, good job ovaries! lol